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Pandora Tool 4.7 Update, Lot of new devices and changes.

Relock/Unlock Bootloader, Backup/Write/Format RPMB, Erase FRP, Format Flash, Read Info/IMEI/Partitions, Restore From Backup, Unlock Network, Repair, Wipe Data/Partitions, Write Flash

Added MTK cpu based devices:

Vivo added:

Added fully support for most Vivo phones in preloader mode
( “Advanced Authorization [Preloader]” )

PD2057F: Y52s
PD2061C: iQOO U3
PD2068 Y31s
PD2068B Y31s
PD2068C Y31s
PD2068D Y31s
PD2068E Y31s
PD2068G Y31s
PD2069 Y72 5G
PD2069B Y72 5G
PD2069BF Y72 5G
PD2069C Y72 5G
PD2069CF Y72 5G
PD2069D Y72 5G
PD2069E Y72 5G
PD2069EF Y72 5G
PD2069F Y72 5G
PD2069G Y72 5G
PD2069GF Y72 5G
PD2069H Y72 5G
PD2069I Y72 5G
PD2069J Y72 5G
PD2072B S9
PD2072C S9
PD2072D S9
PD2072E S9
PD2074BF Y3s
PD2074CF Y3s
PD2083BF V21 5G
PD2083CF V21 5G
PD2083DF V21 5G
PD2083EF V21 5G
PD2083F V21 5G
PD2083HF V21 5G
PD2102B V21e 5G
PD2102BF V21e 5G
PD2104BF Y53s
PD2104DF Y53s
PD2121 S10 5G
PD2121B S10 5G
PD2121C S10 5G
PD2121D S10 5G
PD2133 X70
PD2133F X70
PD2135 X70 Pro
PD2135BF X70 Pro
PD2135CF X70 Pro
PD2135F X70 Pro
PD2138 Y21s
PD2138BF Y21s
PD2138CF Y21s
PD2138EF Y21s
PD2138F Y21s
PD2138GF Y21s
PD2138HF Y21s
PD2139BF Y21 (2021)
PD2139CF Y21 (2021)
PD2139F Y21 (2021)
PD2139FA Y21 (2021)
PD2139GF Y21 (2021)
PD2139IF Y21 (2021)
PD2139JF Y21A
PD2140 Y15s
PD2140B Y15s
PD2140BF Y15s
PD2140CF Y15s
PD2140EF Y15s
PD2140F Y15s
PD2140GF Y15s
PD2140HF Y15s
PD2140IF Y15A
PD2140JF Y15C
PD2140NF Y15s
PD2143B iQOO U3x Standard
PD2147 Y33s
PD2147BF Y33s
PD2147DF Y33s
PD2147F Y33s
PD2147GF Y33s
PD2147HF Y33s
PD2147IF Y33s
PD2150BF V23e
PD2150F V23e
PD2156 Y76s
PD2156B Y76s
PD2156BF Y76s
PD2156C Y76s
PD2156CF Y76s
PD2156D Y76s
PD2156F Y76 5G
PD2159 V23e 5G
PD2159BF V23e 5G
PD2159F V23e 5G
PD2162 S12
PD2162B S12
PD2162C S12
PD2163 S12 Pro
PD2163B S12 Pro
PD2163C S12 Pro
PD2163F V23 Pro
PD2164 Y55s
PD2164B Y55s
PD2164C Y55s
PD2164D Y55s
PD2164E Y55s
PD2164U iQOO Z6x
PD2166 Y33s
PD2166B Y33s
PD2166C Y33s
PD2166D Y33s
PD2166DF Y33s
PD2166E Y33s
PD2166EF Y33s
PD2166F Y75 5G
PD2166J Y33s
PD2167BF V23 5G
PD2167CF V23 5G
PD2167DF V23 5G
PD2167EF V23 5G
PD2167F V23 5G
PD2168 Y10 (T1 Version)
PD2168B Y10 (T1 Version)
PD2168C Y10 (T1 Version)
PD2168D Y10 (T1 Version)
PD2188 T2x
PD2188B T2x
PD2188D T2x
PD2188K T2x
PD2188L T2x
PD2188M T2x
PD2204F V25 Pro
PD2214F V25e
PD2219 Y77
PD2219B Y77
PD2219C Y77
PD2219D Y77
PD2219E Y77
PD2219F Y77
PD2226F Y22
V1931A S1
V1931T Y7s
V1934A Y5S
V1934T Y5S
V2009A Y74s
V2033 Y12s
V2034A Y30 Standard
V2048 Y12D
V2061A iQOO U3
V2104 X70 5G
V2105 X70 Pro 5G
V2116 V23e
V2120 Y15s
V2124 Y76 5G
V2126 V23e 5G
V2132 V23 Pro
V2133A X70
V2134 Y15A
V2140A Y10
V2142 Y75 5G
V2143A iQOO U3x 4G
V2149 Y21A
V2154 Y55 5G
V2156 V21 5G
V2156A Y76s 5G
V2158 V25 Pro
V2162 Y15C
V2162A S12
V2163A S12 Pro
V2164A Y55s 5G
V2164KA iQOO Z6x
V2164PA Y73t
V2166A Y33s 5G
V2166BA Y77e t1
V2168A Y10 (T1 Version)
V2169 Y77 5G
V2197A iQOO U5e
V2203 Y02S
V2204 Y16
V2207 Y22


Black Fox added:

BMM431D BMM 431
BMM441B B8 Fox+
BMM441D B6 Fox
BMM441S B8 Fox
BMM442D B7
BMM442S B8M Fox
BMM443D B7 Fox+
BMM531A B5
BMM531B B4 mini
BMM531D B6
BMM532S BMM 532 S
BMM533D B3
BMM541A B5 Fox+
BMM541B B4 mini NFC
BMM541D B3 Fox
BMM541W B7R Fox
BMM542D B3 Fox+
BMM542S BMM 542 S
BMM543D B4

Sky added:

Elite T8Plus

Coolpad added:

CP3648A Coolpad Legacy S

Spreadtrum cpu based devices:

BLU added:

C070 C4 2019
A380 Advance L5
A390, A390L, A390T, A390U Advance L5
C110, C111 C5 2019
C130EQ C5 Plus
S850U Studio M4 Plus
C0030 C6L
C0040, C0050, C0051LL C5L
C210, C210U Bold C2
S0480LL Advance S5 HD
G0090 G5
G0170, G0170LL, G0170UU G8
G0190 G5 Plus
G0210 G6
S0510UU Studio Mega 2019
S0530UU Studio Mini
V0470UU Vivo XL5
V0490UU Vivo X5
S970EQ Studio X10
J0050WW J5L
J0070WW J7L
S0570WW Studio X10L
C230EQ C6 2020
C0070WW C5L 2020
C0090WW C6L 2020
T0050TT Bold T5
T0070TT Bold T5 Plus
G0270WW G60
G0330WW G50
G0350WW G50 Plus
G0390WW G50 Mega
M0170WW, M0171WW, M0175WW M8L
M0209WW, M0210WW, M0213WW M8L Plus

– merge Encrypted Backup NV with readed from phone ( regarding Moto phones)

– support work in preloader mode for Samsung SM-A037F

– default CPU for Moto E6i (XT2053-5, XT2053-6)

GUI changes:

Changed “Connections” options for MTK Jobs tab
Fixed showing hyperlink in backup folders

Pandora Box (latest Version)

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